Saturday, January 14, 2017

Heartfelt, Inspirational, Free!


 My parents are a testimony to a great marriage, and my father's patience with Mom's failing memory touched my heart. Though we lost Dad only four short months ago, we are still finding love letters and cards that he wrote my mother through the years. This is something Mom is enjoying more than ever. She reads some of the passages out loud to my brother and I, almost blushing like a young schoolgirl. I had never known the depth of my father's love for this woman, and even into their passing years, the way he looked at her and how he spoke so kindly to her, showed me a love that would last beyond time.

For a short time, the book that was inspired by the real life love of my elderly parents and my mother's dementia will be free on Amazon kindle. Let the story of Harry and rose bless and inspire you. It's never easy to see our loved ones aging, but the ravages of time, memory problems and health issues cannot stop true love.


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