Monday, October 27, 2014

Meet the Fur- Bombers

Meet the Fur-Bombers! is a pet blog starring four highly active dogs, four cats and two humans sharing stories and adventures with the intent to brighten up peoples day, and occasionally bring awareness to little known or talked about pet health issues that they've had to deal with or are currently dealing with.

Victoria Carter, the caring owner and administrator has this to say about her loving fur family:

Our family consists of four highly active dogs, four cats and two humans sharing stories of our adventures both good and bad, but mostly good.

Memphis and Belle (named for the WWII Memphis Belle B-17 Bomber): My mom and I were in a mom and pop pet store six years ago (they aren’t there anymore) and they were working with a small rescue (that is no longer working anymore). We saw these two little small white fluff balls, at the time they were ten weeks old, had just had their first set of shots and were recovering from a flea infestation. I honestly was more attracted to Belle (original name Angel), and my mom was obsessed with Memphis’ toes (originally named Marshmallow). When we found out that they were the last ones of the litter I couldn’t split them up, not when I knew that I’d be working full time, so, I took them both! It was a good thing too! As it turns out, Memphis is deaf, and has a genetic heart condition along with being a polydactyl, and he is deeply attached to Belle and myself, being deaf he relies on touch to help him know what is going on so he lays right next to me or his sister for security. I don’t think he would have made it to Six years considering being deaf with a heart condition.

Pete, we believe was born in my husbands neighbors shed six years ago (yup same age as Memphis and Belle), his neighbors wife was the one who noticed their dogs going crazy at the shed, and went to rescue him. He was the only kitten that she found, no momma or littermates, and since her dogs weren’t to keen on cats (her husband wasn’t to fond of kitties either) so she asked if Kevin wanted him, and that as we say is history. He’s had him ever since, and once I moved in after our marriage, Pete took an immediate liking to me and has now become a spoiled housecat, who occasionally likes to go sunning in the yard. (all our kitties have daytime outside privileges, they all come in at night)

Q.B. 2.5 was born in our house 11 years ago. My husband had received a good mouser from a friend, she was solid white, and was named Q.B. 2 (after a solid white dog he had in the past). She ended up getting pregnant while he was deployed to Iraq, when he came home shortly after her kittens were born the only one that his house sitter kept was Q.B. 2.5 (the rest of the litter is spread out with Kevin’s brothers) who was named after his mother (who ended up disappearing shortly after the kittens were weaned) since he was the spitting image of her but was only a kitten thus the .5 instead of going all the way up to 3.

How we acquired the dogs is also somewhat similar, the only thing I could say is; despite having a houseful if we were to find another critter, or one was to find us, that was in need and was easily accepted by our current group they would probably end having a home too.

It is always wonderful to meet such caring animal friends.

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I'd like to thank Victoria and her furry crew for being on my blog today! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

The gift of old age

My heart cracked in half tonight. While talking to Mom on the phone, I realized just how bad her memory is getting. She recalled a time in our lives when I was already grown and married and asked me who was babysitting me. I gulped and felt a huge lump forming in my throat.

Where are you going, Mom? I want to find you. I want to find the woman you once were, so quick-witted and sassy. Nobody, but nobody could pull the wool over your eyes. Now, I think the wool has gathered and taken away so much.

She talked about a beloved doll someone had brought her one Christmas. The memories of childhood all too close now. Memories from a few minutes ago, gone and forgotten, but the past is here to stay. She could vividly describe the beautiful doll, the satin snowsuit, the fur muff. I could all but see it as she went on about how much that toy had meant to her. My heart cracked just a little further. . .

What is this, the gift of older age? For perhaps it is just that. Mom had sadness in her life as well. And maybe just maybe it's not such a bad thing to forget some of the pain she went through at the hands of an abusive mother or alcoholic father. Her innocent, childlike ways may just be a blessing in disguise as she recalls silly songs, movies and books she read.

I count myself lucky that she knows who we all are, our close family who has been through so much together through the years. She still cooks and bakes, and all these things are good. Though I yearn for my mother's listening ear, and I miss the times I could call her and tell her about some infraction that had gone on, or share an exciting story from my day knowing she would have just the right words to say, I now must embrace the fact that our conversations have changed. For now she repeats and we've all heard the stories before. The attention span is gone, replaced by what almost feels to be a self-centered way of speaking. But we understand, my family and I. And we keep our sense of humor intact. We love, we laugh, we cry. We embrace the gift, grateful for every day we still have with Mom.

Oh, and the reason for the picture I took of a butterfly in a flower? My Mom loves butterflies. I think to her they represent freedom, imagination and God. She's often told a story of standing at the kitchen window when she was younger, completely distraught over something that had happened. She cried out to God for a sign, "Please, God, if you're there, please show me a butterfly. You know I always think of You when I see one." Not a few seconds later, but the most beautiful Monarch butterfly flew outside the window and stayed for the longest time as if dancing for her. That, my friends is a true gift.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Paying It Forward

I realize there are kind-hearted  people in the world. It must be so, for how can someone take a tragic situation and make it right? What follows my friends is just such a story. A wonderful cat who "pays it forward," Diamond the cat. In his own words, you will hear of how he found life and love at the care of one good woman. I must warn you however, that it begins as a very sad tale, and the pictures of when he was first found are disturbing. But it's the ending that matters. Diamond has found his "furever" home and wants to help others now.

My name is Diamond and I was rescued on Memorial Weekend in May of 2013. When my foster Mom (Victoria) found me, I was very sick and the vets did not think that I would make it. They told her that I should be put to sleeps; but thankfully she didn't listen to them! Victoria was taking care of her friends fur babies when she found a note on the door about me. A sweet 13 year old girl wrote her that note saying there was a kitty in her front yard that she thought was very sick. That kitty was me. I had scabies soooo bad that I could not close my eyes or move my legs. I was dehydrated and only 4 pounds!! As soon as my foster Mommy saw me, she put me in the carrier and rushed me to the vets. Since she told them she wanted to try to save me, they gave me fluids and medicines. The entire time I was getting the fluids, I just stood in the cage purring.  I KNEW I was getting the help I so desperately needed!! I went back later for some more medicines and shots. While I was recovering, my foster brother Flipper and my Foster Mommy kept posting about me with my pictures and kept asking everybody to say a  prayer for me....I started making such pawsome recovery thanks to the medicines, my foster Mommy and all the prayers!  It took me 8 weeks to get to my furever home ~ but it was well worth the wait!!

My new Mommy, Kerri,  followed me from the day that Vicky rescued me, even when she was on vacation, she kept checking up on me!! When I was healthy enough to go to my very own furever home, Kerri asked my Foster Mommy if she could haven the honor of raising me - so they met & when my new Mommy saws me, it was LOVE at first sight by her!! But to tell the truth, she loved me before she ever met me!! She knew I was a purrfect fit for the family!! She said from the VERY first picture she saw of me covered all with scabies and a bad cut on my front paw, that she was in love and wanted nothing more then to have me as a member of our family.  So my new Mommy was so excited when my Foster Mommy saids YES, you are purrfect for Diamond!! 

Now I did make my Foster Mommy and my Mommy and Daddy a promise and the promise was to always pays to forward for all the other fur babies in need and to keep everybody updated on me that followed me through my foster Mommy and foster brudders Facebook pages ~ so that is how I ended up with my very own FaceBook page!! 

And then the best part is my very talented Aunt Debra, who owns SewSweetProducts makes these amazing toys that you can get any picture on and have a cool toy for your fur baby that is custom made!! And with every toy that she sells, I receive a portion of the proceeds to help other fur babies in need.  I think every one needs to check out her FaceBook page   and her Esty store ~ that link is: I am most excited and blessed that we got this off the ground and I have started raising funds for fur babies in need ~ that was my whole goal with my FaceBook page, and now to see that actually happening, I just can't stop doing the Happy Kitty Dance!!!  I still can't believe we finally have started Diamond's P.I.F. Fund and I am getting to help other fur babies in need!!
 Somewhere along the line, I started signing all my posts "I LUBS y'all a billions" and ever since I did that, it kind of stuck with me and to this day, I use that as my "catch phrase" and many who did not really know me, now know me just by that!! So on all of my toys sold at my Aunt Debra's shop, if you get a picture of me on the product, you will also get that phrase too!  Many thanks everyone for letting me tell my story. I hopes you will stop by and visit me sometime. And remember, please help out those in need, especially the underdogs or under'cats' of the world. You never know what a difference you can make in one small life.