Friday, February 21, 2020

Prayer Partner

Lately I've been beating myself up. It has been about three years since I've been able to sit and write a novel. I used to churn out one a year back in the day when I began fiction writing. But something has made me stop and wait. Call it writer's block, fear, laziness, or being tired, I have kept telling myself that I'm a failure for not plunging deeply into a memoir that I've been wanting to write.

One wonderful thing that has happened, however, is the ability to write short, true, heartfelt tales. It's been easy to think about Mom and Dad stories and share them with others. I've been fortunate to have a few of them chosen by Guidepost magazine for publication.

I joined a Facebook group called Guidepost Magazine Stories. There is a nice bunch of people that write daily inspirational blurbs or share inspiring messages of hope in that group. I am one of them. I enjoy posting lovely pictures and using what I feel are God-inspired words of encouragement.

Today I had the honor of hearing from one of the members. Oddly enough, she reached out to me to become a prayer partner, or prayer sister with her. I hesitated briefly because I wondered what that entailed. Would I have to talk with her daily and try to encourage her? Would I have to give up precious time to another human being?

Then it hit me. Karen, you pray daily for God to give you the words to bless others. You ask Him to show you people that need hope and help. To say the right words, write the best words or pray for others. I decided to accept the role of prayer partner for this lady. I could tell it meant the world to her. She had found me on the Guidepost page. There are no coincidences. God has me where He wants me. I just have to keep answering the call. If a memoir is in my near future, He will bless it to fruition. If the short writings are to continue to hold others in prayer and give them hope, then I step into that gladly as well.

Prayer partner. . . It has a lovely sound to it. Do you need one today? Are you one? Will you take the call, and lift others up even when you are tired or not in the mood? Let's do it together. No telling how much we can change a life one prayer at a time.