Thursday, June 18, 2015

Let's not come to this

Since I was a very young girl, I'd always wanted to be an author. I envisioned books that I'd write, and hundreds if not thousands of people who knew me and loved my works. With so much seriousness surrounding me as a little girl, fantasy and books, imagination and writing were all very good ways to escape. And when I grew older, my vision was put on hold, but never died. Always in the back of my mind were stories begging to be told. When finally, five years ago my dream came true and I became a published author.

I'm still waiting for adoring fans, yet I've found a small following in people who believe in me, or some who have reached out to me and said, "your book really resonated with me, it really touched me." Or, "I, too, went through something like that. Thank you for bringing this to light."

I may write mostly inspirational fiction, yet each book has a truth element to it. Many of my characters come from dysfunctional backgrounds. Many of the issues I write about, alcoholism, abortion, mental illness and such are things we all have gone through and I hope to convey that a person is not alone when they've had to deal with such seriousness in their lives.

My new book is completely different. It's been a labor of love for well over a year now. It's only a short e- book at this time, as I am writing two other installments as of this moment, but in some ways, I feel it is the best writing of my career. It's totally out of my comfort zone, dystopian/sci-fi. The idea came to me watching families of four at restaurants, all sitting there, each one engrossed in their i-pads, smart phones or games, nobody talking or conversing, no true warmth whatsoever.

What if...I thought. What if there was a society like this in the near future? Perhaps it will be true, who knows? 

Here is the premise of my book Sound of Silence.

One small mistake. One dire consequence.
What would happen in a world without speech, a world where only electronic, texted conversing was permitted?

Ray Warren does the unthinkable. He seals his fate by speaking out in a moment of kindness in an era where speech has been outlawed. The year is 2050. Due to a lethal rise in terrorism and a powerful politician's decree, officials now monitor all spoken and written communication. Military police exercise full control of any disobedience. Children born into the new world are implanted with a special surgical chip which renders their vocal chords paralyzed. Ray, one good man, makes a bold gesture and in doing so, condemns himself and must leave the family he loves to ensure their safety.

I hope it doesn't come to this. I pray it doesn't come to this. Perhaps we have the chance to make changes in our world right now. Turn off the electronics for a day or even a few hours. Let's pay attention to our children, husbands and families once again. Let's bring back the warmth that only spoken words can convey. If not, then the question I ask may be possible....What if?

Here is the link at 99 cents on Amazon if you'd be so inclined to check this story out. Let me know your thoughts.

Here is a review from one man:
 I highly recommend "Sound of Silence" as an all too plausible dystopian work. If you've ever had an older relative try to teach about the way things were and how downhill things have gotten, you'll find yourself on a platform spiraling down at dizzying speed, with your stomach pressed against your lungs in a breathtaking ride toward a shocking but perhaps not unexpected "future." Vincent Alessi Telecommunications Procedure Writer and dystopian fiction fan.


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  1. I hope that we do not become a society of unfeeling, texting individuals. Conversation is very important. We can learn so much from spending a day with our families, and the passion they share while they speak of the past.