Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Even the sparrows

The other morning I heard activity on my side porch. When I looked out my door, I couldn't believe my eyes. Several birds gathered, doing their best to make as much commotion as possible. It was almost as if they were trying to get my attention. "Hey lady, where's the morning grub?" I smiled to myself thinking how very brave they must be to venture so close to a human. They must be very hungry indeed.

I throw bread or seeds every so often to my feathered back yard friends. And now with the deeper snow out there, I would imagine it's a bit more difficult for them to find other means of sustenance. For birds are pretty adept at gathering berries and such, but now every tree is covered with inches of fluffy snow. And where a few crumbs may be scattered, they are now buried deeply.

These little creatures with brains so tiny truly amaze me. For in their little heads, they remember that they are fed by me. They call out to one another in their lovely sing/song voices, alerting their friends and family that food is nearby. What an amazing creation a little bird is.

This reminds me of our Heavenly Father. How much He truly cares for each of us. The Bible tells us that even the birds are taken care of. Sometimes it's by nature, and other times it's by us. Therefore, how much more are our own needs cared about by God? How much does He want to give us and bless us? It was this thought that stood out above all else as I watched the little sparrows, blue jays and cardinals as they patiently awaited my morning gift to them. God is using me today to feed you, I thought. He could choose any way He wants, but on this day, I'm the tool he's using to be a blessing to hungry little bird bellies.

How often do we overlook a gift from another? A smile, a kind word, a small act of goodness. For I believe that is how our Lord blesses us at times. We ask for blessings and we sometimes receive the answer in the most unusual ways. Through another person, or something we might have read that truly moved us. Just as I was used to feed His beautiful creatures, there is someone out there waiting to "feed" us as we move about our daily routine. Keep your eyes open to the gifts and goodness in your life. You may just be surprised at what you see.

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