Sunday, June 23, 2019

Darn Good Escapism

My obsession with good movie and book series has always been something that has given me a reason to smile--to take the blues away at times and give the necessary escapism needed in our otherwise crazy lives. My family and I have always said, "It's another reason to live," when a new book or movie in a series that we love is coming out. 

I began with Star Wars in the late seventies, the simple tale of good vs. evil, and all the wonderful small story lines connected in so many neat ways.

I graduated to Lord of the Rings in the early 2,000's, an obsession that continues to this day. Another simple tale (though fraught with danger, peril, complex storytelling), but basically good vs. evil once again, and the love of amazing, honest friendship, or "fellowship" if I may add.
 There has been my love of the Outlander book series, and now the television show that is cast each year. Good, evil, love, hate, great writing and so many characters to adore

I'd fought against anyone however telling me how much I would love the Harry Potter series. I used to think it was a childish ripoff of Lord of the Rings. After all, how could simple teenagers hold my interest, though I do like young adult fiction: Twilight series and Hunger Games.

Wizards and magic, indeed! A silly boy with a scar! Humbug! These characters seemed hollow and so unreal to me that I made fun of them whenever possible.

Until... Last year I watched my young niece and her mom talking about the Harry Potter movies, buying little knick knacks from them, and appearing to bond over a darn good tale. In order to find out what all the hoopla was about, and to find something to get closer with my niece, I borrowed the books from a friend.

Let's just say I wish I'd read them slower. I am in the last parts of the seventh book. I am about to discover secrets that have been kept throughout the series. J.K. Rowling has my complete attention and devotion. Not a stereotypical book. Characters are as 3-D as they can be. They are written with such complexity, yet in simple, understandable language. I admire her incredible writing. I admire the fact that Potter mania is everywhere. For it is here, now, in me too. I consider myself a major fan. Though I can't wait to see what happens, I almost want to put the book aside and savor all of the mystery just a bit longer.
Here's to great heroes and villains and all the characters in between. For giving us years of excitement, adventure, and a reason to live!

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