Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Power of Positive Dreaming

(Photo of The Memory Blanket. One of my stories that was chosen.)

I'm old. I can't do this. I will never be chosen. Nobody will like it. I don't have talent. Can I think of any other negative things to say about myself?


When I was a little girl, my mother used to watch a soft-spoken pastor on t.v. or listen to him on the radio. His name was Norman Vincent Peale. He also had written a "controversial" book that my mother loved called 'The Power of Positive Thinking.' My goodness! Such scandal! How dare a man, and a preacher at that, try to combine prayer with thinking positively. Unheard of back in the day.

But combine them he did, and Dr. Peale and his wife Ruth went on to create the inspirational little magazine called "Guidepost" in the late 1940's. I came upon a stack of these small gems in my teenage years. Someone in our neighborhood had a house sale and had gotten rid of them. Dad brought them home to us. Every article, every little story was another diamond, another glorious tale of people just like us who experienced the extraordinary in their prayer lives, or had a wonderful experience that changed them in a powerful way.

I purchased another book by Dr. Peale called 'The Power of Positive Imaging' in my early twenties and read it so many times that it is worn out and dog-eared, but extremely well-loved.

A patient in my dental office recently brought a stack of Guidepost magazines for us to enjoy. I hadn't thought of them in a while, and began reading them once again. As I checked their website, I noticed that they accept inspirational stories from everyday people. Why not? I thought. I had several self-published, or small publishing house published books. Maybe I have a story to share with them that will bless others as I've been blessed.

As I write this today, I received my third call from Guidepost for one of my articles. It is truly a dream come true for me. You see, I never believed in myself, well, not much at times. I thought perhaps I'm too old, or not educated enough. But to be chosen! I am still floating! Someone likes how I write. Someone believes in me. Someone feels what I am trying to convey as I paint pictures with my words.

Yes, it has been a dream since about fourth grade to become a writer. Become. I like that word. For it evokes the fact that I've had to work for it. It shows that I am ever changing, learning more about the craft. It conveys that there is still more inside of me to share with you, dear readers and with the world that God is alive. He is real. He has never failed me. He is never changing. And He will use me through my writing for His purpose. Oh the mighty power of prayer, believing, and dreaming in a positive way.

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