Friday, October 7, 2016

Start a kindness revolution

Wow, not another political commercial. Not another hate-filled rant of one candidate versus the other. It's been shoved down our throats for months now, and I, for one, am caught up in the anger that each of these tirades bring. I am not a political person. I was not brought up in a family where things were discussed around the dinner table that had to do with the government and politics. In our house it was which favorite movie line we could quote, which comic superhero was the best, what piece of music touched us the most, etc, etc.

This is why I think we need to take a step back and bring back positive virtues, good talk, compliments, and kindness. Because after listening to poison, I think we all tend to spew words out in the same fashion. Let's be the change. Start a kindness revolution in our own homes. Let's push back the dark and make way for the light.

Easier said than done? Turn off the television. Revel in the quiet. Or play a favorite piece of music, and better still, let it be classical thunder or a favorite movie soundtrack. Let it permeate your being and see how it makes you feel. Stop reading negative articles and newspapers. Fill your mind with what is good and lovely as the Bible suggests. Read the Bible.

I find this very thing in our home sometimes. My husband has to deal with a ton of ignorance at his job. Then when he comes home, he puts the t.v. on, and watches the news. He asks me all the time how he can get rid of his negativity and anger. I tell him that we need to be the light, the candle in the dark. Keep our own doorstep clean. All the old adages come to mind, but I can see that they worked for past generations. We need to simplify, de-clutter our minds, and become the goodness that we so desperately long for. A kindness revolution.

I found myself grumpy and mean a few months back. Because so much was going on in my own life, I began to take it out on my co-workers and loved ones. I'd forgotten my own words of advice and became caught up in ways that should have been foreign to me. When it was pointed out, I sought God's help immediately. I asked His forgiveness and strength. I began pushing the darkness away and embraced the light. The kindness revolution had begun in my little world.

During my father's recent illness, hospital stay, and passing, I found that I treated everyone kindly and respectfully. Even in our darkest moments, my words bespoke something good, something light to everyone I encountered. It would have done no good to "take out" on others, the turmoil I'd been feeling inside. And I can't tell you just how much it came back to me. Especially when we lost Dad. There was so much given back to us. So many people filled with love and goodness toward my family.

Yes friends, the kindness revolution works. It's real and true. And it comes back to you tenfold. Be the light. Get rid of bad thoughts, words and deeds. Keep on pushing back the dark.

I love the words in this song by Christian artist Josh Wilson.

One million reasons why, you shouldn't even try.
After all you're just one heart, a single candle in the dark.
And there are shadows here, feeding on your fears,
That you don't have what it takes - who are you to make a change?
But oh, oh, don't underestimate the God you follow.
Whatever you do, just don't look back.
Oh somebody needs the light you have.
Whatever you do, just don't lose heart.
Keep on pushing back the dark,
Keep on pushing back the dark.

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