Saturday, September 12, 2015

If it's not working. . . Change it

Why is it that we get stuck in old patterns old behaviors? Why do we stop the progression of time or in some cases of success? How easy is it to stay sedentary, comfortable in our small minds and even smaller worlds?

For I was once such a person. Not driving more than several blocks to my job for many years, and only comfortable to drive one town to the east, west, north or south, I imprisoned myself in a small space. My fears ran rampant with "what ifs?" What if I get lost, have an accident, look foolish? Unable to picture myself venturing further, daring to see what the world held, I felt a complacency and contentedness in staying stuck.

Even when something isn't working, we find ourselves unwilling to put forth the effort for positive changes. For me, it had to be something drastic. I had to move away from all that was dear to me. Was it the right thing to do? Well, I prayed. I sought God's will for my life for the first time in a strong way. I looked for answers and found them, leaving behind (albeit only an hour) my dear family and friends. There were situations and people who were linked to too many past mistakes. I think it was God's way of clearing the road so to speak for new ventures, and mostly to open my heart to His will for me. For how could I have done His will, or grown closer to Him if I continued to place myself in harmful relationships all because of their "comfort?"

No, it isn't easy or fun. It takes work and a few tears, sweat and mostly courage. It feels uncomfortable for a long, long time when we boldly make a change in our lives, taking ourselves miles out of a familiar comfort zone. Is it worth it? Yes. Especially if we dare to believe, dare to wait for the light that comes at the end of the dark, dark road. Will there be moments of strife, of grief, of mourning the past and our old ways? You bet. But let it go. Watch it swirl away in a cleansing bath of tears. Give up the easy mindset and trade it for the life you were meant to live. Don't be stuck in familiarity because it is easy. Dare to do the difficult. Dare to challenge yourself and wait with patience, hope, and perseverance the path God has for you as His beloved child. Ask Him. And wait for answer. It may surprise you.


  1. I couldn't agree more. So often we choose not to go forward, or change because of fear. Thanks for sharing.