Monday, September 8, 2014

A fellow cat lover!

Today, I'd like to introduce an all around great guy and fellow cat lover and author of a lovely book series, Ginger Nut Series.

 Peter Brighouse, as a fellow of late 1940’s vintage, really looks and feels like Old Master. His literary heroes/heroines include Beatrix Potter, Alison Uttley, Terry Pratchett and Judith Kerr. His film/TV heroes/heroines include Tommy Cooper, Eric Morecambe, W.C. Fields, Victoria Wood and the Marx Brothers. He often wonders whether Art College would have been more useful than a degree in Zoology. Nevertheless, Peter Brighouse is hoping to be discovered.

He is helpfully aided and abetted by Mark Graham Brighouse whose design and drawing skills make him a really useful Young Master.
Colour co-ordination, excellence of English grammar and syntax is handled by sheer dint of hard-work by Roz Brighouse (Old Mistress).
We are all inspired by Louisa Elaine Brighouse (Young Mistress).
The books are from an original concept by Moppet, Tigger and Simpkin and augmented by contributions from The Bullpuss, Tabitha Twitchit and Mungojerrie who can all be found on our website at

Louisa's Ginger Nuts Series are illustrated Cat Books for children and adults of all ages; colorful children’s cat stories for ages 3 to 10, with hidden facets of humor for the adult reading to the child and for adults themselves. A literary interpretation of the adventures of our family cats who interact with their people and the garden as only feline friends can do. The six main characters are all cats who have owned us and upon whose staff we have served. Humor figures highly in the stories and the author has great fun designing the illustrations. These stories have an old-fashioned appeal and are not written in a simplistic fashion - there are lots of words and younger children may need help with them. If you require quick-fire action and garish ostentation, these stories are not for you. Eight books self-published in print and eleven on kindle, with more on the way.

Several generations of cats have inspired the stories which show a zoologist's take on garden wild-life plus a modern day touch of Beatrix Potter style anthropomorphism.
Each book is far more than a main-stream publisher's aim of up to 1000 words and there are no wall-to-wall garish illustrations. The stories can be read by a bright 5 or 6 year old and easily enjoyed by a parent reading to a child, since there are hidden facets of humor that perhaps only the adult would notice.
The author finds the writing easy, the illustrations and drawings are most enjoyable to produce; the graphic design manageable, (after a career in computers), and the marketing a fascinating retirement challenge.

In our fictional feline world we now have six cats:
Mopprag (based upon Moppet) - the matriarch of the group, a proper lady, who stands no nonsense and expects to be treated in a respectable manner;
Tigtoes (based upon Tigger) - very fit, bouncy and daft, with orange stripes;
Squimps (based upon Simpkin) - a wise gentle animal, very affectionate, the non-identical twin brother of Tigtoes;
Bullpuss (based upon The Bullpuss) - a rehabilitated stray from the wilds of Fallowfield, very large, very street-wise, with a fine line in wise-cracks;
Tabitha (based upon Tabitha Twitchit) - a small dark stripy rescue cat, who likes her own way with most things and is often affronted if that doesn't happen;
Mungojerrie (based upon Mungojerrie, since we gave up bothering about copyright on famous felines' names) - the tallest ginger cat we have seen with a fluffy tail that reaches so high you can take him for walks on his built in lead.

The author started writing in the early 1990's just after his daughter Louisa was born. Having retired from mainstream employment, the production rate has stepped up considerably.

If you'd like to purchase Mr. Brighouse's books:

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