Friday, February 28, 2014

Reflections From My Mother's Kitchen

Do you know your worth in the eyes of God?

We meet Kate Anderson, a forty-year-old woman sitting on a porch swing on a sunny day, writing in her journal and reflecting on her life. Though she tries to keep the voices at bay, the ones that tell her what a failure she's been, she learns it isn't easy when the past creeps up with ill-timing.

When Kate finds an old photograph and discovers her great-grandfather, an Italian immigrant who came to this country penniless in the early 1900's, she learns the stories that molded her family and begins to find herself in the process.

But when adversity returns, and Kate finds herself reliving the moments from her life that almost pushed her to the edge, will she ever truly become the woman she's meant to be?

This story is very dear to my heart, for it is my own story for the most part, you see. Bits and pieces of a memoir woven into a fiction story. Some of my life hasn't been easy. Mistakes I've made, and yet other events which I had no control over.

I challenge you to find parts of this story which may remind you of yourself. Perhaps you too suffer from insecurity, as Kate and I do. Perhaps you've been hurt by a failed marriage or the cruelty of children in your youth.Maybe, like Kate's mother, Ellen, you grew up in an abusive home.

May you find healing along your own journey, as you travel with Kate into the stories she and her mom share in the warmth of a mother's kitchen.

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