Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm on a humorous roll

     Okay, for some reason I've been thinking about funny stories that really happened. I know this is supposed to be inspirational stories from the heart and all, but doesn't humor apply to inspiring us as well? Don't you find that a good belly laugh is sometimes more of a cure for what ails you than medicine?

     Years ago, our post office was having its local food drive. Always one to be of help, plus my father and husband were postal workers, I wanted to oblige. Into a brown paper bag, I placed many well-planned items. Cans of soups, bags of rice and pasta, boxes of cereal. I smiled, thinking warmly of the families I'd be helping. Lord, bless those who will receive these items. . .

     I was running a bit late that morning, so I rushed around my house, finished dressing, fed the cats and hastily scooped cat litter into a plastic grocery bag as was my usual habit. I threw the bag onto my front porch, but forgot to place it into the garbage container near my garage and flew off to work as quickly as possible.

     Several hours later my husband called me at work. I panicked for a moment, as the sounds he emitted sounded strangely like hysterics. Did something bad happen? Was he okay? It turned out, he was laughing. Catching his breath, he explained. Our postman, when delivering our mail that day, had picked up the bag of "groceries" on our front porch. He'd driven around that afternoon with items for the food drive from many of the wonderful people in our area wondering what that awful smell was emitting from the back of his postal truck. I almost fell off my chair, realizing I'd never placed my own food drive items out that day. It seemed the postman picked up the quite heavy bag of cat litter, thinking it was our contribution.

     I'd like to think my two cats stood snickering at the front window as they watched him drive away. Right after they dug into the bag of groceries on the kitchen floor.

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