Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stepping out of my comfort zone

     It began almost eight years ago. The tiny voice inside, the desire to do something different, something bigger. An opportunity presented itself to me. Would I take it?
     I'd lived in a small town my whole life. I'd lived a small life, never venturing outside of comfort zones. Driving was limited. Panic attacks in different parts of my life held me back. Insecurity and thoughts of failure.
      Yet I had a good life. Good, loving family and close bonds. A job I adored, and friends who meant the world to me. But something was missing.
     When I met my husband, and we became close in a short period of time, I told him I'd never move the hour away from all that was familiar to me to be with him. He stubbornly told me he would not sell his house and if we were to be together, the move would have to come from me. I didn't like it. I mulled it over, even speaking to a beloved counselor. I prayed deep, heartfelt prayers asking God if this would be the right thing for my life. And many signs pointed the way. Messages I'd heard, things I read. That still, small voice.
     I sat with my writer's group last evening, only four of us, and felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. In the seven years since I picked up my small town life and made a drastic change, I've come so very far. Had I stayed put, I may never have known this lovely group of people who helped push me toward my dreams of writing. Had I not moved, I would never have known the amazing people I've worked with all these years and how much we share with one another. I wouldn't have found a church home that has inspired me and made my life fuller. I would not have began speaking to God daily as my best friend.
     I drive father than I've ever gone. I love deeper than I ever thought possible. I've sacrificed and given away myself in ways I never imagined. All of this has molded me into the woman I've become. And with God's help, I will continue to step out of other comfort zones and leave myself open to all He has in store for me.
     May you find the strength to step out of your own comfort zones. Dream big dreams and imagine the possibilities in store for you when you take a small step of faith.

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