Monday, December 24, 2012

Ambridge man claws his way to video fame - Local Entertainment

Ambridge man claws his way to video fame - Local Entertainment

     Twenty-five years old.  An amazing young man.  A little timid when he was younger, my son Matt now has a YouTube following with his Journey to the Claw machine series.  Obsessed when he was a small boy playing crane/claw machines, he actually purchased his own in his early twenties.  He taught himself the ins and outs of the workings of the machine, and eventually the tricks of the trade enabling young and old alike to have more "wins" at the game in video arcades.
     He has fun with this, making crazy videos, sharing his enthusiasm, whooping it up for his fans.  But recently he took on a more serious role.  Matt has begun to donate his claw machine wins to some charities that specialize for children in dire situations such as Hurricane Sandy victims and the recent school shooting in Connecticut.  He also met a fan of his who has Asperger's syndrome recently and the two played machines together as if they had known one another their whole lives.
     It makes my heart happy to see how far my son has come in such a short time.  I always knew God had great things in store for him, and now I see the promise being fulfilled.  


  1. I recently came across Matt's channel and was brought here from the video where he met one of his fan. I am touched by the fact that he is donating his winnings of these plush toys and can go such a long way with every children that receives one of these toys because of Matt. This is amazing. Thank you for the article.

    1. Hello Erik. I'd like to thank you so very kindly for your comments. Recently Matt had a meet and greet of some of his fans in our area. I believe he is a good role model for young people, and has shown them that having good, clean fun is another way of living beside some of the things young kids get into these days. Thank you for your positive comments and I hope you enjoy his channel.